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Technical Supplies


IPTS offers a combination of a skilled and more than 20 years experienced team with dynamic, innovative and effective mode of operation that yields short and long terms business opportunities for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Therefore due to continuous strive to meet the customers’ needs and expectations, the following products have been added to the variety of IPTS offerings:


  • Welding Wires -  Aluminum (5183, 4043, 5086, etc.), Titanium, Stainless steel


  • Lubricants


  • Slag Removers – Perlite ore, Fluxes


  • Bars & Tubes – Round, Square, Flat, etc.


  • Sheets & Plates – Aluminum (6082, 6060, 5083)


  • Aluminum Profiles – Profile “T”, Profile “I”, Channels


  • Grinding Media – Ceramic beads, Steel balls, Alumina balls, Glass balls

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