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Founded in 1992, IPTS Ltd. is an Israeli Company specializing in marketing, sales, representation, procurement for overseas companies that are interested  to promote and sell their products, systems and services in Israel.


Over the years of its activity IPTS has proved itself as a reliable supplier and importer of raw materials, industrial process equipment and spare parts to various customers in the energy, petrochemical, die-casting, grinding & dispersing, pharmaceutical, plastic, chemical, machining, welding, extrusion and other industries.


Our team has an established knowledge of the Israeli market needs and has excellent connections with most key personnel at all levels in various organizations and industries that are potential customers.


Highly professional engineers allow IPTS to provide the required technical services, supervision, expediting and project management in order to achieve reliable and continuous long term relationships both with the contractors and with the end-users. 


IPTS is continuously looking for new business opportunities, broadening its scope of supply and establishing new cooperations with global manufacturers that wish to have a successful entrance to the Israeli market.

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